Bill Dance Signature Lakes

It’s Our Intent To Lend Mother Nature A Helping Hand

Bill Dance Signature Lakes provides Real Estate Developers, Federal, State, and Local Governments, Hunting and Fishing Clubs, and Private Landowners with the highest quality habitats for many species of fish.

Anyone with land, a bulldozer and a pump can build a lake. Creating a world class fish habitat that is an amenity, a centerpiece and value-added asset requires experience, skill and personal commitment.

“For years my friends have asked me for advice on lake design, management, forage improvement, how to create structure and cover in existing and new lakes.

“That has been so much fun to do that now we are accepting a limited number of opportunities to create great fishing destinations and provide ongoing oversight to protect our client’s investments.” Our product increases property values and is an economic generator by adding a unique amenity created by one of the most respected names in the fishing industry, Bill Dance.

America’s Most Respected Fishing Legend Launches New Endeavor

Bill Dance Signature Lakes is the brainchild of Bill Dance, the first bass fishing superstar.

Bill has won 23 national bass titles and is credited with catching the first bass in the history of professional bass fishing. He hosts “Bill Dance Outdoors”, an educational and entertaining outdoors show that not only gives fishing tips, but also explains why Bill does what he does and how that has translated into success in the fishing world. “Bill Dance Outdoors” airs nationally, with 35 new shows a year. After almost 30 years on the air Bill’s show still attracts three million TV viewers a week. Bill has shared his experience and knowledge for many years, but not just on fishing techniques. He has advised, developed, and promoted the creation of many lakes. It is only natural that this skill and talent be shared with a broader market to provide branding value to business ventures and the public.

His involvement with Bill Dance Signature Lakes is more than just an endorsement. Bill is actively involved in every project.

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Bill Dance

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