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Enhanced Value For Discerning Clients

You may think that Bill Dance Signature Lakes is all about growing trophy bass. While that may be true, our goals are actually much larger and likely more aligned with yours.

While you can seek biological advice from many possible sources, our company is unique. We are the only company that couples exhaustive biological research and information with the experience and insight of bass fishing’s most likeable superstar. So by working with us, you get the benefit of the most qualified advice and the most marketable personality.

This combination creates a unique opportunity to not only maximize your chances of success in building and sustaining a great fishery, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to leverage your lake in order to promote and market your project.

Hunting Clubs

By adding an excellent and well managed fishery to your hunting club, you would be creating a significant new amenity that appeals to most outdoorsmen. Where most such clubs now revolve around a limited hunting season, adding a quality fishery can increase the use and time your members enjoy the club. Fishing can be enjoyed year-around. Such additional recreational opportunity absolutely enhances the value of each club membership.

Real Estate Development

Bill Dance likes to say that “Water is like a magnet. It draws people to it for many reasons. To wade in it. To skip rocks. To swim. To fish. Or to just sit and look at it.” It is a fact that many people dream of living on the water’s edge. Including professionally designed and managed lakes in a real estate development appeals to many people, who will pay a premium for such lots. An association with Bill Dance Signature Lakes adds instant credibility to your water assets. The marketing power of Bill’s name, brand and image will help you appeal to 28 million fresh water fishermen in this country. Let us help you increase sales velocity and revenue.

Government Projects

Building a Bill Dance Signature Lake or renovating an existing lake to qualify as one of our signature lakes is an excellent way to create a positive economic impact to the area nearby. Several studies have confirmed that such a recreational opportunity will draw increased tourism from both near and far. Having a beautiful lake provides an excellent source of recreational pleasure for your constituents and draws in visitors to spend money in your area.

Bill Dance Signature Lakes

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