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Bill Dance Signature Lakes offers DESIGN and CONSULTATION services for the creation and improvement of fresh water fisheries. After following our recommendations and procedures, we then allow the use of Mr. Dance’s name, image and trademarks to BRAND the lake and to promote and market both the water and the real estate around it.

We start with an assessment. The assessment process includes a site visit by Mr. Dance and one of our fisheries biologist. They then review any topographical maps or other documentation you may have from engineers, architects or surveyors. We listen closely to our clients and design our plans to match your specific goals.

The assessment results in a report and plan for your unique fishery. The plan addresses vital biological information such as water source & flow, water quality, PH balance, dissolved oxygen levels, fertilization, forage & feed, harvest and regular monitoring of fish and habitat. The bottom line is that we provide you with a recipe that includes all of the ingredients necessary to create and sustain a top quality fishery.

We also provide a list of specific design recommendations to enhance the bottom contour and structure of your lake. Our designs are based on both the fisherman’s perspective (Bill Dance) and the fish’s perspective (Biologist). We strive to create places where bass naturally want to reside – – strategically located humps, ridges, rock piles, ledges, and channels; all with the proper cover.We also do this in a manner that gathers fish in places where they will be accessible and catchable.

A major component of our added value is the LICENSE AGREEMENT with which we license the rights to Bill Dance’s name and image. It is this element that immediately legitimizes and enhances your lake project. We are constantly documenting and recording our efforts so that such material can be later used for marketing purposes. Through this arrangement, your project becomes associated with the first SUPERSTAR of tournament bass fishing. Bill’s popularity has only grown larger through his decades of television programs that still reach 3 million viewers a week.

Bill Dance Signature Lakes

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