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Always Continue Your Education (Preferably Online In A Bass Boat)

Posted: January 3rd, 2014 by Bill Dance

When it comes to fishing, as with anything else we do often, it’s very easy to be pigeon-holed. It’s human nature to fall into the “what-works” pit. And, unfortunately, sometimes that famed “if-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” adage keeps us from branching out and learning anything new.

For example, most fishermen have two or three lakes they fish most. And if I had to guess, chances are the lakes they concentrate on are very similar. Somewhere along the line, when many anglers begin fishing, they find the most success in a particular area with a particular method and maybe even under specific conditions. As a result they gravitate back to this scenario—again and again and again.

A comfort zone for success has developed. This type of fishing trip produces best because and angler has learned how to fish it efficiently and has confidence in his methods. And the problem is that we tend to lock ourselves into a certain type of area or technique and consequently never learn to fish differently. It’s too easy, to change.

And this can be done on various scales. For example, one angler may only fish a certain area of a small lake or pond. Another fisherman may only fish a specific region of a large reservoir. And then, too, other anglers may only know to fish the waters from their region. East Tennessee or northern Arkansas anglers will likely specialize in clear, deep rock-laden waters, while Texas and Louisiana-based anglers are going to be experts at fishing shallow brush. Florida bass fishermen will likely feel most comfortable catching fish in aquatic vegetation.

Comfort and confidence are gained by fishing your favorite spots and methods. There’s nothing wrong with repeated success, but at the same time, be aware that branching out and trying something new, will increase your fishing know-how, even if it’s only a little bit at a time. And therefore, when you suddenly find yourself out of your favorite element, say favored waters are muddied, then you will be better able to adapt and catch fish.

Hey, I once made the stay-in-the-comfort-zone mistake, too. But I finally decided one day, when my favored method wasn’t working, that I would try something new. I figured if I didn’t locate fish, I could always fall back on my favorite areas. Not only did I start catching more fish, but I also forced myself to learn how to locate fish in different types of water.

The fisherman who lacks versatility will suffer. I always suggest that when you go fishing, spend some time learning something new, and then spend the remaining time enjoying your old, favorite stand-bys.

By learning how to fish different sections of a lake, and believe me, each section will be different and require a different approach, you will expand your ability to catch fish. Experience will teach you that each section will pay off during certain times of the year and will require varied techniques.

Talk about an on-line education? Can continued education get any better than when it comes via a bass boat?

’Til next time, keep learning and catch one for me!

Bill Dance


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