Gamakatsu Launches the Bill Dance Catfish Circle Weedless Hook

BD Hook

Bill Dance, renowned for bass fishing, is also passionate about pursuing large catfish. He collaborated with Gamakatsu to create a weedless catfish hook that can navigate dense wood cover without snagging. Bill frequently targets trophy catfish in rivers, seeking out areas with snags, laydowns, and trashpiles where these big fish reside. This innovative hook enables anglers to precisely position their baits in challenging spots while preventing snags. It is based on Gamakatsu’s 221 Series Octopus Circle (Inline Point) Hook and features a custom weedguard. Gamakatsu conducted extensive tests to ensure the hook’s wire weedguard allowed effective hooking while allowing fishing in the thickest, most challenging cover where large catfish hide. The circle design of this hook also promotes safe release of trophy catfish back into the water unharmed.


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