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Posted: May 13th, 2009 by Bill Dance

Hey Ya’ll,

Well I don’t know what’s happening in your world, but in ours, the crappie and bass have spawned, the bluegill and red ears are bedding or are in the process of setting up their maternity wards and our catfish don’t know what to do except dodge all the debris that’s floating down the flooded Mississippi River.  Boy, have they had the rain up north.  Hey, so have we, but we’ve needed it.

Another, BIG BIG thing going on here at Bill Dance Outdoors is, our good friends at both networks (Versus and the Outdoor Channel) have renewed our contracts for 2010.  All of us here are going all out to help make “Bill Dance Outdoors” and “Bill Dance Saltwater” the best it has ever been.  Versus is going to air us again, 52 weeks next year and the Outdoor Channel extended us from 13 weeks to 52 weeks next year!  So, I hope you’ll be seeing my old mug doing what I love to do and that’s trying to catch a fish and pass along to you each week some of the things I’ve learned about this great sport, we call fishing.

Our new saltwater series on the Outdoor Channel has really been a learning and fun experience and without the good ole boys I fished with…(those in the know), we would never have gotten through the season. 

I’m proud to say our sponsors and the network were very pleased!  And our first year ratings were exceptionally great, thanks to you, our viewers.  Keep watching!!!

Until our lines cross again, catch one for me,

Bill Dance


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