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Care For Freezer-Bound Crappie
(Posted: November 4th, 2015)
Shoreline tips, you can bank on
(Posted: October 1st, 2015)
Have Tackle, Will Travel
(Posted: September 23rd, 2015)
A Home Range For Hawgs
(Posted: September 16th, 2015)
Cast Your Eyes Toward Specialty Tools
(Posted: September 2nd, 2015)
How To Become A Better Angler
(Posted: August 26th, 2015)
Best Time For Bluegill…Now
(Posted: August 19th, 2015)
Seeking A Shady Spot
(Posted: August 12th, 2015)
Why do we seldom say where we’re fishing during our shows?
(Posted: August 5th, 2015)
CSI: The Case of the Floating Fish
(Posted: July 15th, 2015)
Big Bass Spots: Why Trophy Bass Want to Be Where They Want to Be
(Posted: July 8th, 2015)
Trust Those Fishy Feelings
(Posted: July 1st, 2015)
My favorite haunt when it’s hot
(Posted: June 24th, 2015)
Fishing Tips, Tactics
(Posted: June 3rd, 2015)
The Nose Knows-Even For Bass
(Posted: April 1st, 2015)
The Ripple Effect: Making a Difference Via A Reel Future
(Posted: February 25th, 2015)
Picking The Proper Prop Matters
(Posted: February 11th, 2015)
Ask Bill
(Posted: February 4th, 2015)
The Bottom Line (Literally)
(Posted: January 28th, 2015)
What is turnover?
(Posted: January 14th, 2015)
Let Me Give You Some Sound Advice
(Posted: January 7th, 2015)

Bill's Blog Archive for 2014

Cover, Structure…They’re Different
(Posted: December 31st, 2014)
Bass Fingerling Facts & Pond-Stocking Info
(Posted: December 24th, 2014)
Seven keys to catching largemouth
(Posted: December 17th, 2014)
It’s Time For Some Q&A
(Posted: December 10th, 2014)
Stay or Go?
(Posted: November 26th, 2014)
Fall Has Fallen
(Posted: November 19th, 2014)
A Bass Jig’s Best Wingman
(Posted: November 12th, 2014)
A look at largemouth and smallmouths–from the start
(Posted: November 5th, 2014)
Knot Knowledge Works To Angler’s Advantage
(Posted: October 22nd, 2014)
Give ‘Em What They Want OR The Presentation Puzzle
(Posted: October 15th, 2014)
Turnovers sometimes apply to anglers, not apples
(Posted: October 8th, 2014)
Check The Calendar: Bass “Fall For” Crankbaits
(Posted: October 1st, 2014)
Share The Wealth: Take someone fishing
(Posted: September 24th, 2014)
Catch-And-Release Tips
(Posted: September 17th, 2014)
Ask Bill: Can you give me some information and tips about bass fishing around cattails?
(Posted: September 10th, 2014)
Schools Of/For Thought
(Posted: September 3rd, 2014)
Consistently Catch Bass, Study Structure & Cover, Part II
(Posted: August 13th, 2014)
Consistently Catch Bass, Study Structure & Cover, Part I
(Posted: August 6th, 2014)
How To Target A Bass Angler’s Favorite Target-Riprap
(Posted: July 30th, 2014)
Meow: Catfishing Is A Mixture of Fishing Fun
(Posted: July 23rd, 2014)
Practice And You Can Cast Inaccuracies Aside
(Posted: July 16th, 2014)
Why Bass Are Crawfish Crazy
(Posted: July 9th, 2014)
There’s nothing like a bridge over bass-filled waters
(Posted: July 2nd, 2014)
Fish Factors: A Vegetative State Can Be Confusing
(Posted: June 25th, 2014)
A Game Plan For Trophy Bronzebacks
(Posted: June 18th, 2014)
Fisheries Management Makes A Difference
(Posted: June 11th, 2014)
Better Boat Control Equals More Fish
(Posted: May 28th, 2014)
Let’s Talk Topwater And Shoreline Cover
(Posted: April 30th, 2014)
So…you think you know ALL the angling answers, do you…?
(Posted: April 15th, 2014)
Q & A
(Posted: April 9th, 2014)
Q. Bill, can you give me some advice or tips about bass hooks?
(Posted: April 2nd, 2014)
Deep Thoughts: Access to Deep Water Means More Fish
(Posted: March 26th, 2014)
Pondering Ponds and Lakes
(Posted: March 13th, 2014)
Stay or Go?
(Posted: March 5th, 2014)
Catch & Release…How it all began
(Posted: February 18th, 2014)
Which is first: Confidence or Success?
(Posted: February 11th, 2014)
Tips on pond fishing during the winter
(Posted: January 29th, 2014)
Big TN Cypress Recalls Reel Memories & Tips
(Posted: January 22nd, 2014)
Big Bass Spots: Do Certain Locales Draw More Lunkers?
(Posted: January 8th, 2014)

Bill's Blog Archive for 2013

Always Continue Your Education (Preferably Online In A Bass Boat)
(Posted: January 3rd, 2014)
Memories of Bass Trips Past
(Posted: December 11th, 2013)
(Posted: December 4th, 2013)
My Most Expensive Bait Ever
(Posted: November 21st, 2013)
I Can See Clearly Now, The Attributes Of Fluorocarbon
(Posted: November 12th, 2013)
“Ask Bill”
(Posted: November 6th, 2013)
There’s no doubt abut it, my favorite season to fish is…
(Posted: October 30th, 2013)
Spinnerbaits: A Bait For All Seasons
(Posted: October 23rd, 2013)
Worm Presentations, Oiling Reels and Lipless Cranks
(Posted: October 9th, 2013)
The Craft of Cooking Crappie: Crappie Salad
(Posted: October 2nd, 2013)
The Craft of Cooking Crappie: Special Fried Crappie
(Posted: September 25th, 2013)
The Craft of Cooking Crappie: Crappie Chowder
(Posted: September 18th, 2013)
The Craft of Cooking Crappie: Red Rice Crappie
(Posted: September 11th, 2013)
The Craft of Cooking Crappie: Twice Baked Crappie
(Posted: September 4th, 2013)
Veteran outdoorsmen: a wealth of know-how
(Posted: August 28th, 2013)
Boaters Can Cut Corners On Costs
(Posted: August 21st, 2013)
Fishing Troubled Waters
(Posted: August 14th, 2013)
Tips Pond Construction and Management
(Posted: August 7th, 2013)
Outdoor Tips & Tricks: Riprap, Crappie Stocking, Boating Safety
(Posted: July 31st, 2013)
Why Anglers Pay Attention To Temps
(Posted: July 10th, 2013)
Part II, Competitive Fishing: A new school of thought
(Posted: July 3rd, 2013)
Competitive Fishing: A new school of thought
(Posted: June 26th, 2013)
Rains Can Mess With And Muddy An Angler’s Mind
(Posted: June 12th, 2013)
What To Look For In A Good Fishing Report
(Posted: June 5th, 2013)
Don’t Overlook These Locales
(Posted: May 22nd, 2013)
What’s on their menu and other info about bass
(Posted: May 15th, 2013)
What Do You Know About Flippin’
(Posted: May 15th, 2013)
Don’t Knock This Knot
(Posted: May 1st, 2013)
I’m Stumped
(Posted: April 24th, 2013)
A Formula For “Guesstimating” Weight
(Posted: April 17th, 2013)
Pre-Spawn, Knots And Matching The Hatch
(Posted: April 3rd, 2013)
Sounds like…? Sounds like…? Sounds Like Success
(Posted: March 27th, 2013)
Taking Youngsters Fishing
(Posted: March 20th, 2013)
Everything-Has-A-Place Mindset Equals More Time Fishing
(Posted: March 13th, 2013)
The Pros, Cons and Neutrals Of Outboard Sounds
(Posted: February 27th, 2013)
The Basics of a Successful Pond or Lake
(Posted: February 20th, 2013)
The Big Question, Ask It (And More)
(Posted: February 13th, 2013)
Winter Fishing…Who Knew?
(Posted: February 6th, 2013)
Bass Battling
(Posted: January 30th, 2013)
Don’t Knock Tying A Good Knot & Other Notions
(Posted: January 23rd, 2013)
Ponds Provide Many Angling Opportunities, Part II
(Posted: January 16th, 2013)
Ponds Provide Many Angling Opportunities
(Posted: January 9th, 2013)

Bill's Blog Archive for 2012

Tips & Tricks of the Trade
(Posted: January 3rd, 2013)
Crappie Care
(Posted: December 19th, 2012)
Attack on our sport is misguided
(Posted: December 13th, 2012)
Falling-Water Fishing…When Fish Aren’t Shallow-Minded
(Posted: December 5th, 2012)
My Most Memorable Classic Was My Last
(Posted: November 13th, 2012)
Questions Concerning Winds, Crankbaits, etc.
(Posted: November 7th, 2012)
Tanks For The Myths (If Not Memories)
(Posted: October 30th, 2012)
Drag: Reel Resistance
(Posted: October 16th, 2012)
Falling-Water Tips
(Posted: October 9th, 2012)

Bill's Blog Archive for 2011

Never Say Never, Never Say Can’t
(Posted: September 19th, 2012)
Falling-Water Tips
(Posted: March 2nd, 2011)

Bill's Blog Archive for 2010

Bass Pro Nashville Reeling ‘Em In, Again
(Posted: January 4th, 2011)
Tread Carefully, Or You Might End Up In Water
(Posted: September 20th, 2010)
Hey, Guess who?
(Posted: April 13th, 2010)

Bill's Blog Archive for 2009

Goodyear Minnow: It’s How I Roll And/Or Reel
(Posted: February 18th, 2010)
Bill’s Comment on proposed Ethanol Increases in Fuel
(Posted: July 10th, 2009)
Don’t get hooked!
(Posted: June 24th, 2009)
Big News for Bill Dance Outdoors
(Posted: May 13th, 2009)
“Trout Pro Shops”
(Posted: April 14th, 2009)
Hey ya’ll
(Posted: March 24th, 2009)
Fishing and Technology
(Posted: February 6th, 2009)
Virginia Stripers
(Posted: January 19th, 2009)

Bill's Blog Archive for 2008

Happy New Years Everybody!
(Posted: January 6th, 2009)
Happy Holidays!
(Posted: December 23rd, 2008)
Another fantastic new Bass Pro Shops opening
(Posted: December 7th, 2008)
7 Cats That Weighed Close to 150 Pounds…
(Posted: November 26th, 2008)
Fishing on the gulf coast at beautiful Mobile Bay, Alabama
(Posted: November 4th, 2008)

Bill's Blog Archive for 2007

Welcome to our new websites!
(Posted: October 23rd, 2008)
Bill Dance Saltwater TV series
(Posted: November 5th, 2007)
Bass Pro Shops in Prattville, Alabama
(Posted: October 22nd, 2007)
Bass Pro Shops Big Cat Quest
(Posted: October 7th, 2007)
Fishing in 107 degree heat
(Posted: September 24th, 2007)
You’ll start to notice different look soon on Bill Dance Outdoors
(Posted: August 27th, 2007)
Requests for Fishing Trips with Me
(Posted: July 29th, 2007)
Tips Necessary for becoming a Tournament Pro
(Posted: July 16th, 2007)
Prettiest Bass I’ve Ever Seen
(Posted: July 1st, 2007)
Fishing the Everglades
(Posted: June 4th, 2007)
Fishing Trip with Auction Winners
(Posted: June 4th, 2007)
Microfuse Fluoroscent Glacier Blue
(Posted: May 22nd, 2007)
186 pound giant Goliath Grouper
(Posted: May 14th, 2007)
(Posted: May 6th, 2007)
Dancin’ Eels
(Posted: April 29th, 2007)

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