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Everything-Has-A-Place Mindset Equals More Time Fishing

Posted: March 13th, 2013 by Bill Dance

Someone at a boat show once asked me if it was as important to keep things organized in one’s boat as the pros make it out to be.

Well, the answer is, yes. It’s a “reel” big deal. First of all pro anglers don’t go to the trouble to color-code rods, label tackle boxes, and even lures, for nothing. Being organized gives them an edge and most often, that edge is time saved and concentrated where it needs to be–on fishing.

Keeping everything in its place means you know where it is and you can get to it when you need it. This can make a difference, whether it means getting the perfect topwater plug while a big bass is surfacing or getting your hands on the landing net when you hook a monster catfish.

It’s true, pros may need to “sweat the details” more than the average weekend angler, because the make their living fishing. However, I’ll be the first to tell you organizing and caring for your tackle can make for a much more enjoyable fishing trip–and having fun is as important to you as making the cut is to the professional angler.

A clean and uncluttered boat is also safer. You are less likely to break something by stepping on it or trip or stumble over stuff lying in the bottom of the boat.

And as for tackle care: now is the time, they don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing.

Take time for maintenance and to put things in order.

Nothing ruins the start of a fishing trip than discovering your equipment is broken of missing. If you take the time to check your gear carefully, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

Although fishing rods are virtually maintenance free it’s important to keep them clean by removing the dirt and debris that might be lodged in and around the guide rings, frames, and rod blank. Be on the lookout for rough spots that can wear the line. Also check the rod for nicks, scrapes and weak spots you might want to tape.

If you’re using a two-piece rod, examine the connecting joints. After cleaning and repairing, store the rod in a vertical holder, rather than leaning it against something. Otherwise, the weight of the rod can cause it to develop a set or bend.

Reels require periodic attention. Take the reel completely apart, and remove all the grease and debris. Check for and replace worn parts and oil and grease where needed.

Care and replacement of line will depend upon how much use and abuse it has taken. It’s best to strip old line and if necessary replace it with new line.

A thorough cleaning and organizing of your tackle box and an inventory of your equipment are also good. Before replacing the contents of your box, clean and dry it thoroughly. Oil the hinges and tray supports and check the latches and handles to make sure they’re not pulling out.

Plugs should be separated to avoid hooks form getting tangled and finishes scratched. Plastic lures, which contain some deteriorating chemicals, should be stored so they don’t attack and ruin hard plastic or wood lures.

These simple steps can save you time and money on your next outing. Besides, you have better things to spend time and money on–fishing!

As always, catch one for me!

Bill Dance



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