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So…you think you know ALL the angling answers, do you…?

Posted: April 15th, 2014 by Bill Dance

OK, I am going to try something different with you in this blog. This week, I am going to play game-show host, of sorts. Of course, we are minus the big prize money, but please play along anyway. Who knows, you might pick up some new fishing info.
So let the quiz begin (the answers are provided below.)
  1. Fish exhibit a decrease in both feeding and swimming performance with a decrease of what?
  2. When a fish is first born, what is it called?
  3. During the course of a year, how many times to bluegill spawn or bed?
  4. A bass reaches maturity at approximately what length?
  5. What state holds the second-largest record for the largemouth bass?
  6. What is the name or the fish that is the first cousin to the walleye?
  7. What type of fish are the most fished for in the U.S.?
  8. What is another name for a spin-cast reel?
  9. What is the term used for night-feeding fish?
  10. Where was the world record white crappie caught?
  11. Do fish have the tendency to hook up or down?
  12. For fish to breathe they must glean dissolved oxygen from the water through what?
  13. What is the word used by fishermen to describe a bright, sunny day following a cold front?
  14. How many hearing mechanisms do fish have for detecting sound?
  15. If a largemouth bass weighs five pounds during the summer, how much would it weigh the following spring just before spawn?
  16. The largemouth bass is a member of what family.
  17. Where do crappie spend 75 percent of their life? In the shallows, suspended or on the bottom?
  18. The growth rate of fish is influenced greatly by food supply and what?
  19. What is the name of the most famous fishing knot among most fishermen?
  20. What clarity of water warms the quickest?
  21. What’s the best live bait for bluegill when the water temperature is below 60 degrees?
  22. Fish spawn occurs in waves over a period of several weeks, but always coinciding with what moon phases?
  23. What area of a lake in the northern hemisphere is the center of spawning activity?
The Answers
  1. Water temperature
  2. Fry
  3. Three to seven
  4. 12 inches
  5. California
  6. Sauger
  7. Panfish
  8. Closed-Face
  9. Nocturnal
  10. Enid Lake, Miss.
  11. Up
  12. Their gills
  13. Bluebird
  14. Two (inner ear, lateral line)
  15. Approximately 10 percent more than its summer weight
  16. Sunfish
  17. Suspended
  18. Temperature
  19. Clinch
  20. Muddy
  21. Red worms
  22. New and full moon phases
  23. Northwest

“Tell them What They’ve Won!”

OK, so you don’t really win anything, but your score should tell you about your fishing know-how.
23 correct — OK, so you ARE part fish. You have gills and tailfins, and you spend way too much time in the bathtub or swimming pool, right?
22-20 correct — What’s your name and number, I might need a partner next time I fish a tournament.
19-15 correct — You know a thing or two about fishing.
14-7 — Well, you have definitely been fishing before, anyway.
6-0 — You know a thing or two (maybe) about fishing. For example, this is a line and that is a pole.

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