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Spinnerbaits: A Bait For All Seasons

Posted: October 23rd, 2013 by Bill Dance

Spinnerbaits are such productive lures because they can be fished in so many ways. Simply put you can cover the water column from top to bottom when fishing a spinnerbait. This certainly allows you to work around the time aspect, as in when fish are deep and when fish are shallow or in between.

But one of the most productive techniques throughout the year involves the art of probing deep structure with a spinnerbait. Fishing spinnerbaits deep provides an excellent way to search for bass quicker than with a plastic worm, jig or other slow-presentation lures. And it allows you to feel for cover areas along or near the structure you’re fishing.

Also, bass can become very selective in their feeding habits, yet these are the times when I’ve seen a spinnerbait outshine just about anything you could use when fished deep. There are several solid reasons for this special allure:

* A spinnerbait is the type of lure that can trigger reaction strikes from bass that might ignore slow-moving lures like plastic worms, lizards or a jig-and-pork combination.

* These bladed baits have a wider zone of attraction because of the action, flash and vibration they produce.

* Spinnerbaits can be fished faster, covering more water than most other lures.

* Spinnerbaits draw bass into striking from a greater distance.

* Spinnerbaits represent a baitfish better than most other rigs.

* These lures can be fished in a wider range of water clarity and water temperatures.

* They can be fished effectively on the bottom or up several feet (or more) off the bottom.

* Spinnerbaits are effective all seasons of the year.

* Spinnerbaits produce well with a wide range of presentations, including slow-rolling, free-falling and bottom-bouncing.

Importance of Presentation

The design of spinnerbaits allow anglers to use various presentations, and that’s a definite plus. And regardless of the bait, the angler that realizes the importance of presentation really has the odds in his favor.

Sure, we all know bass are notorious for being selective in what they eat. But brother, when you’re offering them an artificial lure made from a chunk of wood, plastic, rubber, lead, metal, etc., a lot — and I do mean a lot — of thought should be given to the size, weight, color, action and speed of that lure.

There’s gonna be times when a fast action works well, and other times when the fish want either a slow action or practically no action at all. There’s simply no question about it, the correct presentation isn’t only a good thing, quite often, it’s the only thing that seems to be key to getting bit.

The word “presentation” is a mighty powerful word, and it means a lot more than just casting a lure out and working it back. You could say that presentation is actually a technique which includes boat positioning, the distance and approach to your target, how you handle the speed of your trolling motor, how you position yourself in regard to the wind, the sun, the barometric pressure, the type of area, target and depth you’re planning to fish, and last but not least, the lure you use…and how and where you work it.

I can’t emphasize enough that there is a lot more involved in your presentation than just trolling down the lake chunking a lure here and there. It’s important to put a lot of thought into every move you make. This is one reason why some anglers are more successful than others.

Sure, you are going to experiment with different lures, colors and sizes, but before you do all that, be sure to experiment with presentation…speed of retrieves, stops, starts and times you might allow a lure to sink.

Normally, the fish will tell you how they want it. They’ll indicate whether they want it big or small, fast or slow at a given time. You just have to experiment with it…and sometimes this means experiment A LOT. But if you have confidence that each new cast is likely to get you more information, if not a strike, you will work your way through a process that should help you find what you are looking for–bass that are willing to bite!

‘Til next time, catch one for me!

Bill Dance


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