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There’s no doubt abut it, my favorite season to fish is…

Posted: October 30th, 2013 by Bill Dance

You know people always assume my favorite time of the year to fish is spring. And I guess the mistake is easy to understand, spring is indeed a time to get excited about fishing. After a long winter and perhaps a big dose of cabin fever, who’s not excited to return to the water in spring with the hint of warming weather and water?

But all that said, it’s NOT my favorite time to fish. Fall owns that title. In my opinion, and definitely in my region of the United States, it’s the finest time to fish.

Why? Simply put, it’s comfortable to be outside. The weather is fantastic, and the surround landscaped painted with fall folilage makes it all the more enjoyable. Likewise weather and water conditions are always more stable in fall. You can count on temps to remain rather constant as well as water levels. All this means for more predicatble fishing results.

And hey, not only is it a comfortable time for the fishermen–it’s a pleasant time for the fish as well. Some say it’s the shorter photo period, others point out that the sun has moved farther south, and the rays are no longer directly overhead, even at noon, while still others will tell you it’s the dropping water temperatures.

Baitfish tend to school in fall, with sport fish like bass following the prey. In short, fish are willing to bite. Find the baitfish and find a lot of cooperative bass.

Of course, hunting seasons are open, most of your pleasure boaters have left the water with summer’s end. So this leaves a lot more room out there on the large reservoirs. There are even fall days that allow you to feel like you have the entire lake to yourself. You only have to share the lake with a bunch of cooperative bass, and well, maybe a fishing partner or two.

The reasons I like fall best of all are many, in fact, probably to many to list here, but whatever the reason, it’s a great time to be in a boat chunking baits. So, before winter grips the landscape, give fall a fling, and get ready for an exciting time of the year.

Smaller Spinners

When bass become especially selective on what they want to strike, don’t neglect to try a small spinnerbait. These baits can be effective in farm ponds or larger reservoirs. I’ve seen many times, for instance, when you have to downsize your offering to trigger a strike for those finicky times. The option of being able to present a smaller bait that has the same appeal as a larger bait has definitely helped me catch more fish in all types of water. The really small spinnerbaits are best suited for clear and slightly-stained water, especially when bass are shallow and edgy.

During these times, little 1/16-ounce and 1/8-ounce spinnerbaits are what I switch to when I believe spinnerbaits will do the trick.

As always, catch one for me!

Bill Dance



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