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Seeking A Shady Spot

Posted: August 12th, 2015 by Bill Dance

Who doesn’t look for a shady spot, or at the least, appreciate it more when the temperatures begin to climb in summer?

Yep, whether it’s a herd of cows crowding a pasture’s only oak tree, we humans huddled up ’round awnings at a family picnic, or bass stacked up below a dock; all of us are seeking more comfortable places to be.

Of course, the bass are drawn to shade for more than just comfort. Bass are, after all, kind of shady characters. Shade, which we could also label as shadows, gives bass a place to hide from predators and prey. In their eat-or-be-eaten underwater world…shade/shadows is camouflage as well as comfort for bass. It helps ‘em hide, and, quite frankly, it allows them to feel good while doing so.

With this in our mental tackle box, anglers need to note early in our fishing career that bass are constantly seeking the locales where shadows or shade fall. Don’t pass up an opportunity to cast lures into the shade. I’ve seen times where I’ve casted into the shadows alongside a cypress that lines the shore, and caught a bass. Then, on the next cast, I’ve cast out to a shady patch some 50 feet away, in open water, and likewise caught a bass. Sure, bass seek out subdued light, and will be drawn to it…you should be too.

Also note, that even on cloudy days there are still some “shady/shadowy” spots out there, created by a rock, a tree or some formation in the place you are fishing. These are simply a little more difficult to perceive. You might simply have to study an area more closely to pick ‘em out, but it is worth it. Look for spots that are darker that surrounding areas. They are very likely to hold more fish, so cast to them.

Despite the notion that somebody might label me a Peeping Tom (or Bill), I have long given the example of how easily one can see into a well-lit house at night, when standing outside in the darkness. Of course, in reverse, with the lights out in the house, you can see much better what goes on outside in those areas that have more light. Survival instincts allow bass to take advantage of this. They see their targets better when watching from the shade or shadows.

Speaking of seeing better, well, most anglers are definitely geared toward the visual. We like to see a target that we can cast to, and we love to have a target. Shade or shadows in the water can provide this–an obvious target, a place to cast.

So, again, never overlook a shady spot, especially in the warmer months when rising temps provide even another reason for bass to hang out there. It’s worth at least a couple of casts to satisfy your curiosity and perhaps catch the attention and ensuing strike of a big, old bass as well!

Until next time, catch one for me!

Bill Dance



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