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Fall Has Fallen

Posted: November 19th, 2014 by Bill Dance

Fall is slipping away from most of us, the season’s color is all but gone in many regions, or perhaps in others, still clinging to, or “falling” fast from the trees.

I have always said it’s my favorite time to fish and for a variety of reasons. Among the many are: stable weather and water conditions, less crowded waterways, and of course willing fish, ready to bite as they feed-heavily before winter. How many times have I followed the bass, following the schooling baitfish as they make their migrations along the coves and creeks of area reservoirs?

But hey, that scenery is something that makes fall fishing, too. Old Lady Nature has always been something of a show-off. But I really don’t think she ever forgets her audience. And I’m really very thankful she gives us that one big burst of color before we go into that season of gray (and white, if you live where you get a lot of snow).

There really is something about the light of fall, by the way. Make a mental note to be observant the next time you enjoy a fall day, even though it may now be almost a year away. In autumns, things really do just look, “different.” This is because of the position of our major light source, that star we know best as the sun, is changing. This, in turn, changes the way we view light and color. The basics of it all comes about because of the tilt of our planet while on its axis, while orbiting the sun. During fall, a “slanted” angle of light falls on our section of the earth. So, in turn, we are cast in a softer light less direct light. And let me tell you, the scenery can be beautiful at a local city park, but as for out there…in our outdoor world, well, it becomes post-card perfect. This special light combined with fall foliage really is a photographer’s dream studio. That, and well, it isn’t that bad of a back drop for an angler following the baitfish in the back of coves, either.

And as for the subject of light, well, it’s always played a role in fishing success. As the sun moves across the sky the intensity of the penetration of light through the water changes the way fish see your lures. Consider this when a bait that was getting slammed earlier, suddenly goes ignored. Perhaps, the angle of the sunlight has changed the appearance of your lure to the fish. Follow that old credo: If something’s not working, don’t be afraid to change.

But back to the fact that our fall has fallen? Yep, it’s headed into our rearview mirror, and what lies ahead are much colder and even drab days…hoping, praying and shivering for that one/1 big bite! Fall is gone or going, accept that.

After being asked what he did when his favorite season was over, the Hall of Fame baseball player, Honus Wagner once said, “I sit and look out the window and wait for spring.” Well, none of that for me. Rest assured I’m still going fishing, no matter the elements, but also note, I will definitely miss the beautiful backdrop of fall!

As always, catch one for me!

Bill Dance



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