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Fishing on the gulf coast at beautiful Mobile Bay, Alabama

Posted: November 4th, 2008 by Bill Dance

This saltwater fishing is really taking off with me and although I’m relatively new to most of it, I’m getting pretty doggoned excited about all of it!

I’ve just returned from fishing on the gulf coast at beautiful Mobile Bay, Alabama with my good friend Pat James, founder and president of the new Cypress Point development there.

We absolutely had a blast with the speckled trout. The fish were moving up river above the I-10 bridge and all you had to do to find ‘em was keep an eye of the birds! We used poppin’ corks and caught plenty of 14 to 18 inch fish with some up to 20 inches.

If you’re interested in giving it a try yourself, right now and for the next month is a great time to go. For more information, contact my ole buddy Gary Davis who guides there for trout and several other species.  Phone 251-943-6298. 

Gotta run for now to meet another friend, Mark Zona who hosts “The World’s Greatest Fishin’ Show” on ESPN.  We’re going catfishing on the mighty Mississippi River today out of Memphis.  You know, now that I think about it, I don’t understand why he calls his show that. He must have never seen Bill Dance Outdoors! (chuckle)  

Anyway, I’ll let you know how that trip turns out.

Bill Dance


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