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TOOLS FOR THE TRUE FISHERMAN: Quantum products are the right tools for angelrs who are serious about fishing, not the once-a-summer angler. Quantum users are competitive tournament fishermen and avid outdoorsmen who seek a performance advantage, are competitive by nature, and want to refine their skills.

SHARING A PASSION FOR THE SPORT: Quantum's brand personality has a lot in common with the sports enthusiasts who count on Quantum. They're confident. Competitive. Active. Respectful of the environment.

OBSESSED ABOUT BEING THE BEST: Quantum products are driven by knowledgeable and passionate fishing enthusiasts who are committed to improving the quality and performance of fishing equipment. So it's no surprise that Quantum products incorporate the best of everhthing — the latest technology, the best material, and outstanding craftsmanship — to improve the angler's performance edge in the age-old battle of man vs. fish.

A HISTORY OF INNOVATION: Among Quantum's innovations: Continuous Anti-Reverse. . .TiMag Nickel Titanium bail wire and magnetic trip system to eliminate bent bails and broken bail springs. The Quantum PT line takes innovation to the next level with performance features for the freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts.

IT'S ALL FOR THE BEST: The Quantum brand is focused on being the best. . .through extensive research and development Quantum offers lab tested and proven equipment that incorporates the best engineering, materials and assembly to provide competitive fishermen the very best experience.

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Bill Dance is one of the most recognizable names and brands in fishing and outdoor gear. Please browse through our selection of superior products that proudly carry the Bill Dance name.


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